Franchisee Opportunity


Education is one field, which offers tremendous growth opportunities in this modern era. Every parent is concerned about his/her child’s learning potential. World population is growing tremendously and hence there is an unprecedented need for finding solutions for all the world problems, which are increasingly growing every day. This necessitates a huge need for leaders, not just leaders but every one who can think on his own to solve his own problems and the world problems. This responsibility is partly taken by us, as we train each & every child in Brainobrain to learn quickly & effectively, to imagine, to concentrate….to use our brain more effectively than ever. This is the business opportunity that we are aiming at. As women, do you really want to do something beyond home that will be valuable to the society – without sacrificing the present responsibilities, as a home maker? And make a meaningful life for Self and Beyond home Are you a self-motivated person, who consistently aims for quality and customer satisfaction in any business? If you can fulfill our requirements, then you have everything to become a successful Brainobrain Franchisee in your area.


Basic Franchisee Requirement

1. Infrastructure

A classroom measuring about 250 sft, to accommodate 15 students. It can be part of your home or closer to your home

2. Furniture

Chairs and desk for the student. A White Board and a display Notice Board, A DVD player or PC or Laptop to show Demo Videos to the prospective parents and children.

3. Investment

INR 75,000 to 1,00,000

4. Faculty Criteria

Min 1 Female Faculty with good qualities. Preferably, a Graduate with Good English Skills

5. Training

The faculty will be given training every 3 months and our experienced trainers will continuously empower their progress to ensure that they become one of the world-class Brainobrain tutor.

6. Materials

All the materials related to students can be intended as and when required.

7. Marketing

Our marketing strategies come from our experience of launching more than 950 centres in 40 countries. We have a team which ensures that the best marketing way in that region is given the highest priority and our experienced team will guide you and do the handholding for you, till you can stand on your own. We will ask you to organise a launch demo in your area, using our strategies. Our team members with previously trained Brainobrain children will visit your demo and do a captivating launch, which will ensure you the first batch of students for your centre and you can get started from there.

Local marketing and promotion will be the responsibility of the franchise and will be guided by our marketing team.

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